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Precision Fitting Centre
The new Precision Fitting Centre at Centenary Park Golf Course has all the latest technology to help improve your game!
Have you ever purchased a set of clubs on the internet or 'off the shelf' and then after 2 months thrown them away as you hit your old clubs better? It's simple, the new golf clubs probably don't fit your golf swing and we at Centenary Park have the solution. Precision Fitting Centre has been set out with the latest technology and leading brands to ensure that your clubs are accurately suited to your game by a PGA professional. We are not brand bias and stock all the leading brands and latest models, choose from TaylorMade, Mizuno, Callaway,Titliest, Wilson and PGA clubs. Precision Fitting Centre uses the Flightscope launch monitor along with v1 Sports to improve your game without breaking the bank.
I am only a weekend hacker, I only play for a bit of fun as I am not that good. Do I still need to get my clubs fitted?
The answer is 100% yes. Players of all levels should be getting their clubs fitted to their unique swing and needs as a golfer. Nearly all golfers play the game for enjoyment and/or to improve which can only be achieved with the correctly fitted equipment by a qualified and experienced PGA Professional. In today's age of knowledge and the ability to import from overseas at cheap prices at the click of a button it is easy to get caught out buying equipment and take in knowledge which may not be applicable. How many times have we felt ill and gone to the internet looking for answers to the symptoms, learning that we have 24 hours to live but when we go to our doctors we find out we just have a common flu? Or we see the latest and greatest product on TV then decide to import it of the internet because it's cheaper, only to find out that it is a poor imitation? At Centenary Park we hold accounts with all the major suppliers to ensure that the highest quality of standard is met and maintained.
I just purchased new clubs but always find myself short or long of the green, I then get frustrated and it's all downhill from there. 
Golf courses see this day in, day out around the world. It is generally a mixture of two things; people under/over value how far they really hit the ball and/or have never properly measured how far they hit each club. Golfer's will hit their best ever 6 iron 150m next to the flag and either assume they will hit it perfectly this far every time or use it as a guide as it would take too long to pace out how far each club goes. Well we at Centenary Park, with Flightscope technology have a solution. Club Mapping is a simple, time and cost effective way to help you find out more about your golf. Club Mapping only takes *** and will help improve your Golf IQ and the knowledge required to play better golf. Don't work harder, work smarter and we are here to help you achieve that.

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